Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Game’s up for global warming hoaxers

One encouraging development in recent years has been the way the global warming hoaxers have been put on the defensive, and are no longer treated with the unquestioning adulation from the media that they once enjoyed. The highpoint for this hoax was the period between the publication of the Stern Report and the Channel 4 TV programme The Great Global Warming Swindle, which was the first time the mainstream media provided a platform to those challenging the supposed scientific consensus on this matter. It was a time when the then Environment Secretary David Miliband could claim the science was 'settled' and that those who deny climate change were 'the flat-earthers of the twenty-first century'.

Scientists like to boast that their ideas are based on evidence. More often than not however they are based on pet theories for which the evidence is often questionable. But in the case of the global warming hoax there is in fact no evidence at all. It is just projections for the future based on the theory that human induced increases in CO2 lead to runaway climate change. It is certainly the case that CO2 caused by humans has increased substantially since the war, and the rate of increase continues to quicken despite the provisions of the Kyoto Protocol and other agreements. But global temperatures have remained stable during the past thirty years, the maximum deviation being 0.6 degrees C below the average in 1985 and 0.65 degrees C above the average in 1998. It is currently about 0.25 degrees C above the average. The main cause of the variation is the El Nino and La Nina warming and cooling cycle in the Pacific. At a time when, according to the hoaxers, temperatures should be increasing, we still have extreme cold weather such as that which took place in the United States last winter.

Scientists also like to claim that they are objective. In reality they are subject to the same pressures as the rest of us, and most are happy to conform to whatever the prevailing orthodoxies are in order to achieve career advancement or to acquire research funding. The 'climategate' emails furore showed the extent of their manipulation against opponents, behaviour which has seriously undermined their credibility and professionalism.

The global warming hoax however is not driven by science but is instead politically motivated. It provides the anti capitalist Marxists with a means to pursue their prime objective of removing control of the lives of ordinary citizens, and placing it under that of the state and their apparatchiks. Britain is the world leader in this surrender to fantasy, with its suicidal targets for the reduction of CO2 emissions, the promotion of the carbon trading scam, the climate change levy which will massively increase the energy bills of every household and the despoliation of the countryside with thousands of useless windmills requiring back up from conventional power stations. Recently several perfectly good coal-fired power stations have been decommissioned, risking the lights going out should there be a severe winter.

Public scepticism on the validity of the man made global warming religion is steadily increasing. Tory back bench opposition is now out in the open. Politically correct institutions such as the BBC are still desperately trying to maintain the hoax with their tame guests on news programmes, but they have been rumbled. Before long even the government will have to face up to reality and abandon the emissions targets, trading scams and climate levies, indeed this process has already begun. When 'Climate Change' is dropped from the title of the Department For Energy, the global warming hoaxers will know that their game is finally up.

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