Sunday, 4 October 2015

Feminists play the paedophile card

One of the more enduring delusions subscribed to by many in society is that liberals are more understanding, open minded, progressive, caring, thoughtful, enlightened, sensitive and broad minded etc, than those nasty, reactionary, knuckle dragging right wingers. This belief is particularly strong amongst the younger generation yet to be mugged by reality. In practice liberals are totally opposed to any dissent from their orthodoxies and use many tried and tested methods to maintain control over society to achieve their ends. Sometimes they do it openly through legislation and regulation. This is at least an honest way of achieving their objectives but it does have one drawback in that it risks opponents repealing these measures in the event that they gain power. A much better method is to create a climate of hostility towards those they wish to marginalise or demonise.

One tactic used by feminists is to portray all men as potential sexual or violent predators. For some time now, since the early seventies, their main focus has been on exaggerating the numbers of rapes and domestic violence they have suffered at the hands of brutish males. Alas, some men do live up to this stereotype but the numbers are far smaller than the feminist agitators would have us believe. But in the past decade or so they have discovered a new stratagem which has much broader appeal than amongst the usual feminist/agitprop activists. This is to brand all men as possible paedophiles.

By using this scare they can recruit a much wider support base embracing tabloid newspapers and the more neanderthal elements amongst the 'chav' population, which in this country is now a quite a sizeable category of persons. In addition they have the active support of so called children’s charities whose primary purpose these days is to devise ever more ingenious methods to combat the supposedly widespread and wholesale sexual abuse of children, which only they can be trusted to provide protection against.

A notable case demonstrates the success the feminist/children’s charities axis has had in inciting a climate of paranoia over the paedophile scare. A male teacher in a primary school in Hampshire was accused of playing with a pupil by swinging her around by her arms. Following complaints from colleagues, he was told that he had 'failed to maintain physical boundaries with female pupils'. He was condemned for the heinous crime of 'failing to disengage immediately when girls ran up to him and put their arms around his legs'. Although there was no suggestion of any sexual motive, he was dismissed from the school where he had worked for eight years. Acording to press reports, parents campaigned to overturn the decision, saying he was an excellent teacher who had been unfairly treated because he is a man.

It is worth noting that he was the only male teacher in the school. Indeed over 25% of primary schools have no male teachers and men comprise less than 15% of all primary school teachers. Before very long the feminists will have achieved their objective of not only removing all men from primary schools, but also in creating a climate in which it would be inconceivable that they should ever be allowed to teach in one.

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