Wednesday, 14 November 2018

In defence of Islamophobia

Normally the internal affairs of Pakistan would be outside the remit of this blog. However, an exception can be made to consider the case of Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy. As widely reported, the Pakistan supreme court recently acquitted her after no less than eight years on death row, declaring that she had been a victim of accusations that were ‘concoction incarnate’.

Clearly this sentence was utterly barbarous beyond comprehension even if she had been guilty. But instead of rejoicing that an innocent woman had been reprieved under a malignant law, huge numbers of protesting Muslims demanded that she should still be executed, also making death threats against the supreme court judges and her lawyers. As a consequence the Pakistan government have surrendered to this mob pressure by preventing her leaving the country pending a review of the court decision.

There have been suggestions that she should be given asylum in Britain. But according to reports the government is unwilling to take this action because of fears of ‘unrest’ amongst the Muslim community. To be realistic, asylum in Britain would not be a safe option, as she would very quickly be recognised and there would likely be a serious risk that our own home grown fanatics would attempt to carry out the demands of the Pakistani mobs. In practical terms, she would be much safer in countries such as Hungary or Poland whose governments have so far not succumbed to our own elite’s enthusiasm for multicultural ‘enrichment’.

Both the British government and the liberal media seem to have been largely unperturbed by the death sentence for blasphemy, the grossly trumped up nature of the allegations, or the grotesque behaviour and shocking demands of the fanatical howling mob. This contrasts with the vociferous denunciation by pontificating politicians a few years back, condemning as excessive the relatively lenient sentence handed out by the Russian courts to the degenerate collective known as Pussy Riot, for their sacrilegious puerile antics in a Moscow cathedral.

We are continually warned by our politically correct establishment of the supposed horrors of encouraging Islamophobia. One of the greatest mysteries of our time is the quite literally unholy alliance between self styled ‘progressive’ liberals and regressive Islam. If this global superstition had been a political movement grown out of English working class communities, it would have been quickly proscribed because of the terrorist links of some of its activists.

The recent events in Pakistan should be a wake up call, giving us an insight into the disturbing consequences of Islamic group fanaticism, in contrast to the sugar candy version of this backward belief system served up by mainstream politicians and liberal media outlets, the BBC being the main mouthpiece of this deception. So the question that needs to be asked in response to the events surrounding Asia Bibi is why any sane rational person would want to be anything other than Islamophobic.

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