Monday, 25 September 2017

Why Brexit must mean Brexit

There seems to be no limit to the attempts by bewildered and angry Remainers to overturn the decision of the British people to leave the European Union. This cabal of international minded corporatists led by the likes of Kenneth Clarke, Michael Heseltine, Tony Blair, Vince Cable and Nick Clegg still appear to be completely mystified as to why they have lost the arguments over the future direction of Britain. They seem not to understand that there is more to a nation’s self identity and worth than access to a large trading bloc. Fortunately the majority of parliamentarians, some reluctantly, appear to have accepted that if the referendum decision of the electorate is to mean anything then we must exit the single market and customs union. Not to do so will leave us half in and half out of this anti democratic, technocratic, supra-national failing bureaucracy that is fast heading for collapse due to its unsustainable overreach.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is quite right to dismiss the pessimistic ‘Project Fear’ alarmism of the Remainers, and to stress the benefits and gains that will accrue to Britain outside the EU. Hard Brexit means leaving the EU. Soft Brexit means ignoring the result of the referendum and allowing Britain to still remain enmeshed in the tentacles the European Project, a messy attempt at a compromise which satisfies nobody. Under such an arrangement Britain would still be subject to the European Court of Justice and continue to pay vast sums to Brussels. Moreover, we would no longer have any say in the decision making process but would have to continue to accept freedom of movement of people from other EU countries. Remaining part of the customs union would prevent Britain from agreeing trade deals with nations outside the EU that comprise the majority of our international trade.

More important however than the economic and trade consequences is the reclamation of British parliamentary sovereignty that a Hard Brexit will bring. As has been revealed in recent parliamentary debates, over 12, 000 pieces of legislation have been imposed on Britain during the period of EU membership, none of which appears to have received any meaningful parliamentary scrutiny. This contempt for democracy which the Remainers wish to preserve, motivated by their disdain of the nation state, must end, and only a Hard Brexit can deliver it. So let Brexit mean Brexit and let there be no shilly-shallying about the matter.

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