Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Vote Leave

The wait is finally over, the starting gun has been fired and Britain's EU referendum will take place on 25th June. The British people now have the opportunity to regain their independence and end our subservience to the European super-state.

The main issue in this referendum is whether or not we can reclaim our parliamentary sovereignty as a democratic nation, unfettered by interference and control from a supra-national authority. The political establishment will use every trick in the book to frighten us into believing the horrors that awaits us outside the protection of EU. These scare tactics will all be bogus; there is absolutely nothing to fear from being an independent nation, with control over our own destiny.

Currently the opinion polls show both sides neck and neck, although the remain side are the bookies favourite. But the leave campaign can win this referendum if they show determination, courage and a will to challenge the misinformation of their opponents. Further posts will outline in detail why it is essential that Britain leaves the European Union.

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