Monday, 21 December 2015

Homosexual muscle flexing

Militant homosexual activists are flexing their muscles again. Stephen Fry called for the last Winter Olympics to be moved away from Russia because of the recently introduced 'anti-gay' laws there. The British Humanist Association expressed outrage because over forty schools had the temerity to introduce policies which restrict the promotion of homosexuality.

Had it been possible to write this blog fifty years ago it would have supported the decriminalisation of homosexual activities between males. Unquestionably, at that time homosexuals were persecuted for their private sexual behaviour. This was a gross and unwarranted intrusion by the state into their private affairs as citizens. Moreover, the police shamelessly abused their position by trawling through address books to frame individuals and by the use of agent provocateurs as a means of entrapment.

However, it is worth remembering that most of the public then thought that the law prohibiting sexual activity between males should stay on the statute book. There were widespread fears that homosexuals would corrupt the nation’s youth and that the law should be there to protect vulnerable young men from the perceived threat of supposedly predatory homosexuals. Most people today can now see that this threat was widely exaggerated.

Because they were once persecuted homosexuals continue to both play the victim card and agitate to silence opposition to their agenda. With regard to the supposed 'anti-gay' law in Russia, the actual purpose of this law is to prevent the dissemination of information on homosexuality to under 18 year olds. The new law was passed 434-0 by the Russian duma, 137-0 by the Russian senate and in an opinion poll was supported by 86% of Russian people. Thus it has clearly not been imposed as a result of a bigoted presidential diktat as some have suggested. In the UK there are strict laws against private individuals showing images of sexual activity to under 18s, and the Russian law is, in principle, little different. The age of consent for homosexual relations in Russia is 16, the same as in the UK. So Stephen Fry’s comparison of this new law with the treatment of the Jews in Nazi Germany was clearly grotesque and offensive.

Turning closer to home it is disturbing to note that all schools are now expected to promote homosexuality as a normal sexual orientation. None of the schools that were singled out as 'homophobic' have specifically denounced homosexual relations or preached hatred of homosexuals. They just do not want to promote homosexuality as being equal to heterosexuality, a reasonable position to take and one that the vast majority of people would most likely support. Needless to say the spineless Department of Education (in a supposedly Conservative government) has sided with the homosexual agitators against the right of schools to decide their own policy on this matter.

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