Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Midsomer Murders off-message

British TV drama these days is often little more than a platform for propagating and reinforcing the politically correct hegemony of our liberal establishment. However, one TV programme that appears to have been a little off-message on this duty is Midsomer Murders. The small village of Midsomer is the murder capital of Britain, worse even than St Mary's Mead. For a long time ITV has very helpfully staged dramatic reconstructions of these murders to provide us all with an insight into their causes, and the motives of their perpetrators. Unfortunately, the residents of this village, like many others, are entirely white. Naturally this has been reflected in the choice of actors appearing in these reconstructions.

The producer of this series was unwise enough to comment that his programme was 'the last bastion of Englishness' and that it 'wouldn’t work' with racial diversity. For this obvious truth he was suspended since he appeared to be suggesting that this was the reason for its appeal to an overwhelmingly white audience. It would seem that ethnic minorities are not much interested in watching these murder reconstructions, since none of their own kind ever appear in them.

The liberal elite which runs this country has many dubious obsessions but the greatest of them all is on the subject of race. Liberals are consumed with a mind numbing guilt about being white, a racial masochistic trait which other races most definitely do not share. For this reason, when seen through the distorted prism of political correctness, blacks can do no wrong and whites can do no right, whenever conflict arises between the two. It thus follows that in the liberals’ view a multiracial society most be inherently morally superior to a white only society. This is why the last Labour government had a deliberate but unacknowledged policy of encouraging ethnic immigration, regardless of the consequences for social cohesion.

Viewers can hardly have avoided noticing that virtually all drama programmes these days include a sprinkling of ethnic minority actors, often in scarcely credible situations. They are largely used in positive role models whereas the villains are mostly white. The implicit propaganda message here is to demonstrate how we are all supposedly dependent of non whites for the better functioning of our communities, and how natural, normal and beneficial it is to live in a multiracial society.

The producer of Midsomer Murders was disciplined because he openly transgressed this clandestine agenda. However, he has provided a service to us all as his suspension confirms that TV bosses deliberately use their drama productions for social engineering purposes, thought control and as a vehicle for their politically correct vision of a multiracial society.

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