Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Gently does it

The extent to which Cultural Marxists will go to propagate their ideology should never be underestimated. As case in point is the way they have hijacked TV drama, particularly the output of the BBC, to help achieve their objectives. A good example of this is the police series Inspector George Gently, about the criminal investigations of a detective inspector set in the North East in the mid to late 1960s.

The choice of this period is a good one since it is at the threshold of the cultural revolution in which the then traditional conservative establishment was destroyed and supplanted by the politically correct regime of our time. This allows the BBC to focus on the 'enlightened' attitudes of today, and to contrast them with the supposedly uncaring response of previous generations.

The particular programme under consideration featured the murder of an elderly man, who ran a children’s home which closed in 1947. During investigations, evidence was uncovered that child sexual abuse had occurred at the home. It emerged that the murdered care home owner, and a local police inspector on the management board of the home, were together responsible for sexually abusing ten year old children. The local doctor was also implicated by covering up the injuries. The underlying message is that during this era the authorities routinely connived at this abuse and that the children were silenced because no one would believe them.

Despite the underlying propaganda message the programme was intelligently scripted and acted. However, there are a many serious flaws. The dialogue refers to 'paedophiles' and 'child abuse'. Both these terms are of relatively recent origin. In the period in which the programme was set the reference would have been to 'child molesters' and 'child molestation', used by professionals and the public alike. Contrary to the impression given, the molestation of ten year old children was as serious a crime then as it is now.

Although it is clearly the case that the murdered care home owner would have had the opportunity to molest young girls, it is stretching the bounds of credibility that he could have entered into a deviant partnership with the police inspector, whose preference was for young boys. The police inspector (who is married) adopted the boy he was abusing, an unlikely scenario since boys soon become adults and will then likely seek retribution. The elderly care home owner ludicrously tried to resume his relationship with the girl as an adult woman – again highly unlikely as he is supposed to be a paedophile. There were a number of other actions which do not ring true.

The best protection against child abuse is support for marriage. Statistics show that children are more than thirty times more at risk in homes with a live-in boyfriend or step-father. This is one factor that today’s politically correct regime refuses to consider given their crass ideological support for the notion that families 'come in all shapes and sizes', code for feckless single mothers with a succession of deadbeat boyfriends. In 1964 support for marriage was very strong and there was far less child abuse.

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