Saturday, 18 July 2015

Bernard Manning – bigot or genuinely funny bloke

Political correctness has not only extended its reach into high culture but it has also taken upon itself to decide what kind of comedy material is now acceptable. The comedian Bernard Manning, who died a few years ago, is remembered for his robust refusal to surrender to the demands of the politically correct thought police. As a result of such defiance this good natured man was the victim of a poisonous vilification campaign organised by the self righteous organs of 'progressive' thinking. A particularly nasty example of this self proclaimed moral superiority appeared in the Guardian the day after his death. In the eyes of the cultural Marxists, Manning was a 100% gold plated 'bigot', a favourite word used by them to denounce and demonise anyone who refuses to sign up to the multicultural madness that has gripped our country.

Bernard Manning employed a very peculiar and unusual gimmick for a stand up comedian – he was actually very funny. Normally these embarrassing impostors can be divided into two categories, those who are not particularly funny, and those who are excruciatingly unfunny. The latter description covers pretty nearly all of the so called 'alternative' comedians, that is those who have been licensed to toe the party line on all matters PC. Manning adamantly refused to do this and as a result he was barred from our TV screens.

In a sense Bernard Manning was lucky to come to national prominence just before the PC media stranglehold became overwhelming. It is an odd thing that when huge numbers of people object to a TV programme approved of by the Left, such as Jerry Springer The Opera, the issue of censorship is always raised. But when popular programmes such as the Benny Hill Show are taken off, it is due to 'changing public taste'. No mention of censorship here of course.

There is no doubt that if Bernard Manning had been allowed to remain on TV he would have continued to attract top ratings. This was demonstrated by the fact that his shows at his Manchester night club were always completely sold out until he retired through ill health.

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